Thursday, May 05, 2005

Next Step and More

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What I learned from Iggy today:

"A pig's orgasm lasts 30 minutes"

And you thought it was just a poker blog!! Go check it out yourself.


What a ROFL read then thought pondering "My God this really happened!" : AlCantHang Florida Keys trip report.


For me, I'm thinking about the next step in my PLO8 journey. I have finished ITM in 5 of 6 $1 MTT's with one final table and have finished INM in 4 of 6 PLO8 $2.25 SnG's over the last two nights. Now, the money won has been limited due to the stakes I have been playing but I think I now have a grasp of the game and ready to move on to some cash games. I haven't decided if it will be limit or PL cash games yet, leaning towards low stakes PL though just to get a feel for the ring atmosphere before I move up to what my bank roll can handle.

I'm still grinding away at the bonuses from MARCH. All is going well, I have avoided the last couple reloads at Absolute Poker (Bonus Code:AP35) so I can get done what I have. I'm just not a one site guy. Two sites maybe three. There is nothing wrong with AP and I am doing well, just need a change. I just get tired of the same old interface all the time, and since I have some many choices......let’s use them. I have not had trouble finding a fishy enough game at any site so why not have variety.

Adding PLO8 has helped a lot with variety also. One of the issues I have had lately playing full time is that it was always Holdem. Only game I am proficient in. I went to NL for a while which helped but all in all it was still the same game. So soon I will have another avenue to play and can switch from Omaha to Holdem.

Since I brought it up, poker for a living is going well. I am not going to go into any major rambling as to whether it is a good or bad choice here. Just that for me, I am holding up my end of the bargain. Paying my share of bills and still building my roll. Some months it grows a little and some months a lot, that’s the nature of the game. I am enjoying the overall experience and that is what’s important. (Besides the money) I will have to mention one downside....this house husband stuff sucks! Doing cloths, dishes, cleaning, dusting and so on, I mean damn it never ends. I always appreciated what my wife did "behind the scenes" but I now have an even more respect for how she kept it all up!

Bet some of you out there in cubical land with a boss over your shoulder and looming deadlines are sticking your middle finger up at me now. Man, I have pressure too! Kids, clean clothes, trash, should I get dressed, what’s for dinner and wondering if my TPTK is going to hold up. This life is not for the weak at heart, sometimes I need a nap!

OK, as some say up here in the mountains, "Nuff Funnin". Since I haven't left you with any points to ponder lately, try this:

"If quitters never win, and winners never quit, what fool came up with, "Quit while you're ahead"?"

Till Next Time!

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