Monday, May 02, 2005

Great Weekend!

Congrats to ABVidale for winning the Poker Stars event last night. Again I had obligations so couldn't play but MAYBE the next one for reader and blogger.


Looking back I didn't really grind as much as I thought I had. I did knock some some hands out at Ultimate Bet for a slightly positive result. I played 4 MTT's and a SnG this weekend. That's a lot of tournaments for me but I was in the mood I guess.

In my quest for PLO8 knowledge I played 2 $1 PLO8 MTT's at JetSet. Over 100 entrants in both and I finished 15th (with my coach) and 22nd (without him). Not to bad, monied in both. Of course monied is a relative term in $1 MTT's but the knowledge is what I am after more than anything right now. I was shortstacked in the first one and actually made a decent recovery with my coach really opening up my eyes to some betting thinking (I messed it up in tournament) and the second one I got, no joke, AA and KK 9 times! Now that is not necessarily a good thing in PLO8. I won with it twice and got knocked out with AAx3 when my low missed and AA no good.

I'm sure these tournaments are pretty loose, I really have nothing to compare it to yet, but for $1 I am getting a ton of hands in. I don't know enough to get extremely mad at being sucked out yet so I reserve the right to change my opinion.

Played a UB SnG for the first time in forever Saturday night. Who taught these guys how to play! I used to be able to fold 1 round and 4 people gone. Not this one. Caught some good cards though and had a steady run for second. Heads up I was out chipped 5-1, hit a couple hands to bring it to 6-4 but that was it.

That was just a warm up for the $1 $2500 guaranteed MTT at UB. Long and short of that is I finished 301 out of 1700. I played for 1 hour and 45 minutes with no less than 1000 chips and no more than 2000 chips. Right before the 2nd break I got a hand and went to 3500 chips. Feeling it was about to turn for me, the wheels fell off and finally went out with an "all in" raise with 44 on the button called by TT in the BB. It was just that kind of tournament.

Last night wound up my MTT berage with the 72os Freeroll Tour at Noble Poker. Finished 16th out of 262. I used up all my good cards early and just faded away into the sunset come crunch time.


Watched the Heads Up Tournament on NBC Sunday. It was OK. In thirty minutes two brackets get finished and maybe 30 hands aired. Lots of bios though. Got to see 81 year old Henry Owenstein beat Chip Reese, Doyle Brunson lose to Billy Baxter and Todd Brunson lose to Eric Lindren.

Didn't show: Chris Moneymaker, Tom McEvoy, Chris Ferguson, Gus Hansen, Sammy Farha, Barry Greenstein, John Juanda, TJ Cloutier, Scotty Nguyen or Layne Flack. Except the token last hand coverage.

I would have thought the Cyndy Violette vs. Chris Ferguson would warrant some battle of the sexes coverage but no. They did give the impression that Chris creamed her though. Scotty Nguyen vs. Mike Caro would make a good match to air...again no.

My votes for next week:

Bobby Bladwin vs. Evelyn Ng (no poker reason I can think of though)
David Williams vs. Carlos Mortensen
Phil Ivey vs. David Sklansky
Scott Fischman vs. Annie Duke.

Maybe some NBC exec will read this blog and do some fast editing!

Till Next Time!

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