Monday, February 28, 2005

The Big Announcement and Wait and Clear

Looks like the big secret is out! A Poker Tracker Ebook from HDouble and Iggy. Congrats guys, will be getting mine soon.


Playing a little NL at Absolute Poker this weekend. Have done rather well. I have to wait 48 hours to withdraw so that puts me 9:30am withdrawing from there tomorrow. Usually AP has it in my Neteller within 6-8 hours so that puts me at Party Poker just in time. I know it was going to be close but couldn't turn down another 20%. Of course I will have to clear Party first so I am basicly waiting to withdraw and clearing as much as possible at Absolute Poker. Hoping that most of the bonus chasers are gone by then at Party and can get a little back to normal.(At least normal for Party Poker) Barring a catastrophic 2-3 weeks, I see a phenomenal March coming on.


Tonight I play in the Absolute WSOP Challenge final to win a trip to watch the WSOP. It's at 9pm, hope the cards run well. This is the first MTT I have played with such a big prize. Not much of a serious tournament player. So I am about 60% excited,40% nervous and 0% experienced. So let's hear it for beginners luck! WOOT!

Thats it, hopefully it will be very late when I get to do the tournament write up!

Till Next Time!

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