Sunday, February 27, 2005

Why Bonuses?

I had to cash out Feb 1st and left me with $500. I chased a Casino Bonus earlier and then:

The reload skies opened up!

Wednesday - 25% at Absolute Poker. $150 Bonus waiting. Cashed out $600 after their 48 hour wait and

Friday - 30% at Poker Room. Cashed in and out in same day. - $180 Bonus waiting

Sunday - Absolute email. Today Only. 20% reload - Redeposited - $120 bonus waiting. After 48 hour wait I will go to:

Tuesday - Party Poker - Last day for 20%. $120 Bonus.

$570 Bonus off of $600 and will take about 2 weeks to clear all. For those of you just starting out or rebuilding a roll. Got to love bonuses! Laughing

I'll have to clear Party first because of the 7 days to clear thing. But AP and PR give me 60 days to clear so I have time.

Got to go! Lots of poker to play!

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