Thursday, March 03, 2005

So Much Money .. So Little Time

Noble Poker – First Deposit Bonus 100% Up To $300. March Only!

Paradise Poker is excited to announce a 50% Deposit Bonus offer! From Tuesday March 1st to Sunday March 20th, you will receive a 50% Bonus the very first time you make a chip purchase using the NETeller deposit method. You are only eligible if you have never used NETeller with Paradise before. To get the bonus, enter bonus code: NETELLER50 Up to $100 max. For the record, I'm exited about it also.

AND time to do Interpoker monthly reload!!

Already at Absolute Poker, Poker Room, Party Poker(Bonus Code 4Flush) and Full Tilt Poker!

Phew! Lots of poker to play.

Lost -49.95 yesterday in the morning session at Party $25 NL. Thats right, NOT $50! It was just good cards getting beat by better cards. I know, Party Poker!, surprised me too.

Last night I played live again at the local Freeroll League. (only way it is legal) Its a 10 person SnG format, the main tourney is coming up for the top 40 players in points and even though I got started half way through, I am sitting about 40-43 in points and have one more opportunity to make it in. Well, two more opportunities. Since this has grown so much over the last month or so, the directors have decided to add a couple play in tournaments to get you in the main. Top 12 scores count so I replaced a couple 6ths and 7ths with a 1st and 3rd last night. Usually I only play two games a week and come home but since I am trying to get into the top 40, I played one more last night. I went out 8th with this hand:

QTo on the SB.

UTG+1 & MP limp, I complete and 4 see the flop of AKJr.

Thats right: I have the nuts. I check, BB bets 1500 into a 800 pot, UTG+1 calls all in, MP raises all in, I am about to pee my pants. I call all in and proceed to see K on turn and J on river.

UTG+1 K8o!!! AND he wins!
MP AJo AND he wins side pot
ME: Left picking my jaw off the ground
BB: J7o! He lead the betting!

IF they looked anything like the avatars, it would have been like "live" Party Poker! (HEHE)

Alas, it is all good though. This mornings session has been good and got back about $20 that I dropped yesterday. Knocking on the door of half way done on this bonus. Now I have to come up with a plan for the rest of the bonuses. Be a shame to leave any money on the table this month.

Till Next Time!

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