Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Greed Almost Got Me Screwed!

Those of you waiting for me to tell you I am going to Vegas to watch the WSOP will have to wait one more month. AP had a "malfunction" and I didn't get entered in this months. Tried to get them to just give me the trip because I would have won but no dice. So new date is March 31st!

Friday I was all set to "Party Down" with the reload and was happy with the fact I got AP's 25%, Poker Rooms 30% and was getting Party Poker's 20% and it wasn't even March 1 yet. The money was in my Neteller account Saturday when I get the email that AP is offering another 20% Sunday only. Knowing it took 48 hours to withdraw from AP and usually it takes 8 hours to get into my account, I took the chance and got 20% more from AP.

Tonight at 11:40pm, an the last night of Party's reload....NO MONEY IN NETELLER!
So it has been 14 hours and no money. I can't believe I screwed up the easiest bonus to get just by getting greedy! I was pissed at myself. The key word being WAS! 11:46pm check Neteller one more time....There it was. WOOT! Quickly to Party and I AM IN! With no time to spare.

But wait, today is the 1st still....reload is till 2nd. Sweating over nothing, calming down now, adrenaline levels dropping. Hope this isn't an omen of things to come from this bonus.

See where Party Poker has dropped there blinds in NL games. Most everyone thinks it is good. I think they figured out that is where the smart bonus chasers were going and just playing ultra tight and getting raked hands in quicker. So they fixed it to where you can't do that as easy. Oh well, it will be NL for me any way. Still has to be "less dangerous" than the limit suck outs.

So after sweating the cash out for no reason all day, I am now back on track. Will be playing exclusively at Party the next couple days and I will have to go find the blogger table this time for sure. Been doing a little spying on them lately and taking notes.....not that'll help, they
play better than I do.

Till Next Time!

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