Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Raymond Rahme Busts out in 3rd, WSOP down to Heads Up Play!

The final four WSOP players played for eight hours before Alex Kravchenko finally busted out, swooping up a 4th place WSOP win, however, it took much less time to go from the final three, to heads up WSOP main event final table action!

Eight minutes in fact.

With an ace on the board, Raymond Rahme pushed all of his chips to the middle, Jerry Yang, who has been killing at this years WSOP final table, thought about the decision for a lot longer than many thought necessary, he held ace 5 and did eventually make the call. The turn and river cam blank and Raymond Rahme from South Africa ended his 2008 World Series of Poker adventure taking home just over 3 million dollars.

Be it luck, or be it skill, Jerry Yang has been burning up this years final table since taking his seat, of the 9 original final table contenders, only one of them was not removed by Yang.

The two remaining WSOP Bracelet contenders:

Jerry Yang in the lead with 104,450,000 chips and Tuan Lam with 23,025,000 remaining in WSOP tournament chips.

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