Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Lee Watkinson Busts out of WSOP 2007

Lee Watkinson 2007 WSOP
Lee Watkinson, one of Bodogs top picks for this years World Series of Poker Main Event tournament, has busted out of the tournament. Jerry Yang, amateur poker player who was originally given 9 to 1 odds by Bodog.com dominated Watkinson's A 7 with his own A 9. Watkinson sat quietly for a moment before deciding whether to push his chips all in with the hand, after about a four minute wait, Yang called him.

The flop came blank for both poker players, 2/4/6, followed by a king, leaving Watkinson needing a seven and only a seven to win on the river. The river came jack, eliminating Lee Watkinson, who owns a chimpanzee rescue camp for chimps retired from laboratory testing in 8th place, for a WSOP main event win of $585,699. The original buy in to the WSOP main event is $10,000, not a bad net profit at all.

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