Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Well Known Charities to Benefit from WSOP Win!

You might have guessed this years WSOP winner, Jerry Yang held it down at the final table, personally removing 8 of the 9 World Series of Poker final table contenders from the game.

Earlier I said perhaps it was skill, perhaps it was luck. Perhaps though, it was skill, mixed with a bit of good Karma ..

Jerry managed to fill in a gutshot straight draw in the last hand of the 2008 WSOP main event, a gutshot, meaning a six and only a six would win him the hand, and knock Tuan Lam out of the game.

Perhaps good deeds just do not go unrewarded, Jerry Yang previously pledged 10% of his WSOP winnings to three very worthwhile and well known charity organizations.

The Make a Wish foundation - Known for honoring wishes of dying children.
The Ronald McDonald House - Providing food and shelter to endless numbers of battered women and children.
Feed The Children - A Christian organization that provides food, medical care and educations to countless children world wide.

Jerry Yang, father of six, took home a prize of just over 8 million dollars ($8,250,000), knocking out Lam who won 2nd place in the tournament for a prize of nearly 5 million dollars ($4,840,981)

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