Tuesday, July 17, 2007

WSOP Chipleader First to Bust Out of Final Table

Phillip Hilm 2007 WSOP
Hilm, who began his poker play at the WSOP final table was the first to bust out of the World Series of Poker Main Event Final Table. In less than two hours, Philip Hilm was eaten alive by the strong aggressive poker play of Jerry Yang.

The other WSOP final table players chose to stay tight, and let Yang do the work, and he did, pushing all in over and over again, taking down huge pots, and chipping away at the big stack brought to the table by Hilm.

Hilm decided to push back, can't have a monster every hand right? Only this time he did.

Yang bet out 1 million in WSOP tournament chips, Hilm and only Hilm called.

The flop:

King D
Jack D
Five C

Hilm checks, Yang bets 2 million. Hilm thinks his decision over for a minute, and then he calls.

The turn brought the 2 of hearts, Hilm checks again, Yang bets out 4 Million tournament chips, Hilm re-raises, all in.

With just a moments thought, Yang called, and turned over the ace of diamonds, and the king of spades. Hilm was definitely the dog, with just a pair of fives (8d/5d), and a flush draw. Hilm needed another 5, an eight for two pair, or any diamond to make a flush.

In the words of many poker players, "He had outs". The rail was quiet, the dealer paused a moment, and then flipped over both men's fate, the six of clubs, no help to Hilm, Yangs kings held up, and living proof, big slick can win. Hilm was eliminated from the WSOP in 9th place, with a total cash prize of $525,934. This hand left Yang with nearly a third of the remaining chips in play, a total of $45 million.

The next player to bust will take home $585,699.

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