Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Second Lee Busts out of the WSOP

Lee Childs met the poker playing wrath of Jerry Yang. Jerry "The Juggernaut" Yang eliminated Childs in 7th place, this is the third player Yang has sent packing since the final table commenced, just 2 and a half hours ago.

Yang has played his large chip lead to the fullest, raising nearly every hand, calling nearly everything preflop.

In Child's last hand for the 2007 World Series of Poker, Childs bet out $720,000, moved was there, ready and waiting to move all in. Childs thought it over for some time, a little under 5 minutes in fact.

Holding the King of Hearts and the Jack of Clubs, Childs made the call, finding with relief I'm sure, that he had Yang dominated! Yang showed the Jack and Eight of spades. The flop came blank for both players, but brought Childs a runner runner flush option.

The Flop:

Six of Clubs
Four of Clubs
four of Diamonds

The turn, an 8 of clubs, bringing Yang a pair of eights, and Childs a flush draw with two over cards to Yang's pair. Any king, any jack, any club, would bring Childs a double up through Yang, any other card, brings him a cash prize of $705,229 and a spot on the rail.

The dealer turned over the 9 of diamonds, sending Childs on his way out of the 2007 Milwaukee's Best World Series of Poker.

Current Final Table Chip Counts:

Jerry Yang: $63 million
Tuan Lam: $20 million
Raymond Rahme: $17 million
Jon Kalmar: $16 million
Hevad Khan: $8 million
Alex Kravchenko: $4 million

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